Janet Thompson Shaw

Janet was a camper at Maniitou from 1963 until 1970. She attended Tawanka when she was a senior camper in 1971. The following summer she was a kitchen girl. Her friends were Teri Freno, Eva Nadolchek, Teri Czyz, and of course, I, her sister, Nancy Thompson.

She loved to go horseback riding with Ellie Stine when she got the chance when Ellie and the colts were available. She also loved to swim and play guitar.

Janet obtained an MEd. in 1978 in special education. She and her husband built a house on 5 acres in New Paltz, NY, where they raise their 2 sons with Boys Athletic League / Girls' Vacation Fund, Inc. skills and values.

Submitted by Nancy Thompson

October 2004
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