Carol Kintler Bonapace

I was just thinking of summer camp and went onto the 'net. On this site, in the Where Are They Now section was a picture of the 1965 Camp Oh-Neh-Tah Senior Campers.
I was one of them.

My name back then was Carol Kintler and I was known at camp as Crisco. I started at camp as a camper in 1960. I then became a senior camper and then I worked in the kitchen and then became a counselor. I was a kitchen girl and then was the Assistant Cook to Mrs. Baker the cook. Mrs. Baker was the cook for many years.

At camp I taught Indian Dancing, Beginners Swimming, Beginners Diving, I was the Singing Director and the Senior Camper Director. I was part of the 1965 Senior Camper Group picture that is in the Where Are They Now section of this website. My group made the totem poles on each side of the council fire entrance. I was a fire hoop dancer at all the council fires and sang the Wa-Ta-Ho in the woods. Some of my cabins were Peekamoose, Papago, Tuscarora, Winnebago. Some of the girls I counselored with were Caroline Freno, Sue Salmon, Roberta Mattimiro, Janice Tresca, Joanne Snisky, Pam Scola, Rita Halpin, Mariette and Graceann Gaysur, Stretch. I can go on and on.

Camp was the best time of my life. I made friends that I kept in touch with until a few years ago.

I have so many pictures. Camp was the best years in my life. Many of the campsites we built. The haunted house was up the hill at that time. I remember Mr. Kauth and his wife. The Kadings lived in the house as caretakers and Mac and Louise with their children Cheryl and Chucky. I attended Tawanka, across the lake. In 1962, they did away with the two tents, and just had the cabins.

I am married now and my name is Carol Bonapace. I work in the Alzheimers Center at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Ct. I am expecting my first grandchild in 4 weeks.* I have 2 children.

Ava Grace Bonapace arrived on Monday, October 4, 2004.

Submitted by Carol Kintler Bonapace

August 2004
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