Jayne, Gayle, and Mary Paul

I am a UNIX programmer and system administrator, but do mostly application programming. I currently work for IBM, based in Lake Mary, FL (just north of Orlando). I worked for AT&T doing the same work until they outsourced us to IBM.

After my mom died, my sister Mary and I went to live with cousins in NC. Dad died in 1961, which is what started us going to camp the following year. I met my husband in NC and we were married in 1972.

We have two boys. We have lived in Phoenix, Denver and Florida. When my little one, Chris (age 23), finishes school here, I plan to go back to Colorado. Gayle was also in Colorado and then moved to Florida. She recently moved back to Colorado. Mary was also in Colorado for a while and moved to Ohio a while ago. She plans to move back to Colorado when her son Josh finishes his first year of college. So the Paul girls will all be back in Colorado in the next few years.

I went to Manitou, Talako (one year) and Tawanka (one summer). I went to camp 1962-1968. I was a camper / senior camper with Connie Stine. Barb Taylor Korman was a counselor while I was at camp. She was also the Nature Counselor. Toni Zaharakos was the Art Counselor and Elena Zaharakos was a camper with me. So were Claudia and Pennie Campbell. Olga Klemfuss was the director at Manitou. Betsy Hager was the director when I went to Tawanka. I worked in the kitchen my last year at Manitou.

I remember the Kauths. Mr. Kauth was a tough cookie, but a good man. I remember he wanted things done well. I remember Mrs. Kauth sitting by her cabin watching everything. She was always so nice.

I remember Mr. Denton. I remember watching him do work around the camp. I remember him making the lampshades (#10 can, nail and hammer and black paint) that were used in the dining hall. He also made some good steaks in the fireplace at the back of the dining hall at Manitou. I visited with his granddaughter, Marney McCleary, this past summer when I was in Denver for a visit. She was also a camper/ senior camper at Manitou while I was there. We had a good time remembering our camping days. She has a sister there in Denver too. I lived in Denver from 1975-1994. I never knew she was in Colorado.

I remember Miss Fannie from the summer I spent at Talako. I recall she was a bit fussy about how things were done in her kitchen, but the food was good, so it paid off. I also remember Jeanette Headley as a camper.

Camp was so great when I was growing up. It was at camp that I learned to swim, row a boat, paddle a canoe, shoot a bow and arrow, make lanyards, make campfires and cook over them and many other fun things. It was my first experience with s'mores and I love them to this day. I remember Vespers and plays in the barn at Manitou. Camp was a great escape from the city (we grew up in Flatbush).

My sister Gayle went to Talako. I think her last year there she was the camp nurse. She is now in Denver. My sister Mary went to Oh-Neh-Tah. She currently lives in Ohio, just outside of Toledo, and is a tax analyst for Owens-Corning. Her husband retired last fall. He was the fire chief in Perrysburg, OH, where they live.

Mary and I were in Acra, NY a few years ago doing genealogy research. We did not realize how close it was to the camp or we would have gone by there. Since Barb shared the alumni list, I have been in contact with Holly Mitchell, Betsy Hager and Marney McCleary.

I found out that there are some other folks here in Florida and hope to find them in the near future. Willenda Truitt Brown, a former art counselor, lives about an hour north of where I live, but I have not been able to find a phone number for her.

I have sent Barb most of this information and she published some of it in the newsletter. I have truly enjoyed those newsletters since finding out about the alumni group last February. The memories flooded back reading them. She's doing a great job with the alumni list and newsletters!

I will attach a picture of myself, Gayle and Mary. It was taken at Christmas, 2002. Since we moved to FL, Mary has come down here for the holidays every other year. The cousin that took in Mary and I in after our mom died lives in the Jacksonville, FL, area and we usually get together with him.

I have a more recent picture of Gayle and I with our kids (Mother's Day this year) as we were out in Denver for a wedding. I'll send it too. (This picture will be posted in the Alumni Photo Album).

Submitted by Jayne Paul Poplin

August 2004
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