In Memory of Joan "Corky" Watts

To the Indians the Council fire was a spiritual ceremony
and a very important part of their tribal community.
The chief was held in great esteem and
with the guidance of the Great Spirit,
he led the people in ceremonies that included
the celebration of a warrior's victory in battle,
the right of passage of a young brave,
the birth of a child and the death of a tribal member.

Joan Watts, better known to her camp friends as Corky,
passed away this July.

Corky was a past director of Talako and Tawanka
and played the guitar at the Memorial Grove dedication
and the Talako reunion last year.
She wrote the Talako and Tawanka camp songs.

It has been written that the Indians measured an individuals worth
by the number of people who mourn his or her passing.
It is also said, that one is never truly gone as long as
their memory is alive in the hearts of those left behind.

We are greatly saddened at Corky's passing
but know that her spirit lives on in the hearts of the many campers,
senior campers, counselors and friends
who had the privilege to know her.


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