Mrs. Baker was the cook at Camp Oh-Neh-Tah in the early years of camp.
She was hired by Bobbi Mattimiro in Cinncinatti off a riverboat
of dubious reputation. She was greatly loved at camp.

The years I attended ONT from 1961 to 1967, Mrs. Baker was the cook.
What a LADY!! She was such a southern belle! She had the nicest
personality and was so quietly funny.
When I think of her I picture her laughing. She used to cover her
mouth when she laughed and stamp her feet and slap her thighs!

She was first rate. She would be in the kitchen at the crack of dawn waiting
for us as we strolled in with our eyes closed after being up all night talkiing.
She was probably at least 40 years older than us and was always energetic.
She never dragged. She came into the kitchen each morning in her crisp white dress
and apron and white shoes and sometimes her hair pulled back in a white band.
So neat and clean.

In the morning she had us making the large pot of cocoa, melting the
sticks of butter for toast, putting the bread on the revolving toaster.
Her scrambled eggs were the best! Everything that came out of her
kitchen was hot and cooked to perfection. Amazing considering she cooked
for almost 150 each meal.

I really got to know her well as we ate our meals together in the kitchen
with Louise and Mac. That was the time we had the most fun.
Sitting there eating and laughing so loud. We sometiimes couldn't control ourselves.

She lived at the farmhouse with the Kadings and Louise and Mac and
many times the kitchen girls would visit with her when we were not
in the kitchen and just sit and talk with her.
She was ONE OF A KIND and such a peaceful, gentle soul.

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