Nancy Thompson attended camp Oh-Neh-Tah from 1957 to 1970.
She was a CO camper, senior camper, assistant and waterfront director,
assistant director of Tawanka under Betsy Hager, and director.

Nancy's sister, Janet Thompson, was a camper, senior camper,
and kitchen girl at Camp Manitou from 1963 until 1970.

Later in her life, Nancy chose Zia Avila as her name.
Zia, meaning sun, and Avila after Theresa of Avila.

Following a successful career as a biology teacher,
Zia attended Boalt Hall Law School in Berkeley, California,
and is the only person we know to have achieved a perfect score on
the LSATs.
She was partner of a law firm in Phoenix, Arizona
until her retirement.

Zia was a Buddhist for 35 years and attained the 5th degree
level many years ago.

Zia lost her battle with cancer on December 1, 2004,
one week after her 55th birthday.

Nancy / Zia was the initial reason and motivating factor for the creation of the
GVF Camps Alumni website as explained in the website launch article:
"I wanted to share most especially with those friends who, due to personal circumstance and geography, might
not be in a position to have a similar experience (of returning to visit camp).
" -- Pam, August 2004
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