Basic Forum Registration Assistance

After you click on the icon (the animation) on the Community Forum page, you will arrive at the Community Forum module.

At the top of the Forum module page there are several menu selections, click on Register.
Once you are registered, you'll use the Login tab from there on out. Click on Register.

A dialogue box which is divided into three sections will appear.


The only required information is in the top section:

1. A name (you are encouraged to use a nickname or your first name and last initial).

2. A valid working email address for the sole purpose of the automated registration confirmation process. It is unseen by other users unless you choose otherwise.

3. A password which will be included in the registration confirmation email.

4. Password confirmation.

The second and third sections are optional. None of this information is necessary for registration or participation. EXCEPT: scroll down to the third section labeled "Preferences". The first line reads: "Always show my email address". Click NO to avoid junk mail from spammers.

The information in the Profile section is public and can be viewed when anyone clicks on the your user name. Do not include personal identifying information in your profile, such as: telephone number, residential address, etc.

Preferences: Unless you are familiar with the options, leave them set at the default selections. As mentioned earlier, the first line reads: "Always show my email address". Click NO to avoid junk mail from spammers.

There's another option in the Preference grouping: Signature. Your signature may include anything you wish, as long as it complies with the "clean, well-lighted place" rules of the forum. Whatever you decide to type in the signature box will appear at the bottom of your posts. You might want to use your name, or your name and the camp and years attended, or a quote. It's up to you, and you have the option of changing the selections in your profile and preferences at any time.

After you submit your registration, an email will be sent to you with your Forum name and password. Your registration will then be complete.

Hope this is helpful to you.

Additional notes:
The first few categories in the upper section of the Forum are dedicated to guidelines, technical and general assistance for using the Forum. The next sections are where the conversations take place.

To Post a Message: Click on an existing category, select an existing topic within that category or create a new one, click on the button labeled "Reply". A screen will appear, type your message or response, click on "Preview", check your message, close the box, and click on "Submit".

When you want to Start a New Topic, select a category, then select "New Topic". The process is the same as described above in To Post a Message except there is an additional box in which you type the title of the topic you are creating.

You may read and post messages without registering, but messages from unregistered users are automatically purged at regular intervals by default of the forum software.