Eggs in a Hat

4 slices of your favorite bread
4 eggs 4 slices of ham or Canadian bacon
4 slices of cheese

Warm your skillet or griddle over LOW heat.
Also, be sure to grease the pan well!
Using either a round cookie cutter or a drinking glass,
cut out a hole in the center of your bread,
being careful not break the crust.
It will still work if the crust breaks, just not as well.

Place the bread in the skillet and lightly toast it on both sides.
Crack an egg into the hole in the bread and cook until the egg white is almost solid.
Flip over and put a slice of cheese and then a slice of ham.

Serve when cheese is melted.

For the bread that was leftover from cutting the circle out,
just dip that in a beaten egg and make French toast out of it.

Servings: 2

Ants on a Log

peanut butter
chocolate chips

Wash celery, and trim the ends.
Spread peanut butter into the celery groove.
Top with raisins and/or chocolate chips.

Servings: as needed

Hobo Pizza

This is a great recipe to try around the campfire with cast-iron pie irons (Toastites).

2 slices of bread
pizza sauce
pizza toppings

Butter one side of each bread slice.
Put one slice, un-buttered side facing up, in the pie iron (Toastite).
Add sauce, cheese, and any topping you like.
Top this with the other slice of bread, buttered side up,
then close the pie iron and lock it.

Place the pie iron in the coals of the campfire for about 2 minutes then flip.
Cook another 2 minutes then continue flipping and checking until your total cooking time
comes to ten minutes. You have yourself a great pizza.

Servings: as needed Preparation time: 15 minutes

Alternative fillings: Apple sauce, canned Peaches, ham and cheese.

Peanut Butter S'mores

graham crackers
miniature peanut butter cups

Toast the marshmallow.
Place one peanut butter cup on a graham cracker.
Top with the toasted marshmallow and the other graham cracker.

Servings: as needed

Tin Can Chicken

Take a 3 lbs. chicken.
Wrap the chicken in heavy duty foil.
Take a 3 lbs coffee can and punch 4 holes in the bottom/side of the can with a bottle opener.
Put 13 charcoal brickets inside the can and light.
When the coals are ready put the chicken in the can "head down" (if it still had a head).
Wait two hours and get ready to eat "fall off the bone" tender chicken.
Great with tortillas and salsa.

I get the can preloaded with charcoal and all ready to go before a trip.

Ms. Connie's Famous Peach Cobbler .

Canned peaches
White Bread

Light a fire and take cast-iron pie irons.
Rub butter on and put 2 slices of white bread in the pie irons.
Fill them with 2-3 peaches and put one marshmellow.
Lock and put the pie irons into the coals for about 5-7 minutes
and enjoy.


Biscuit On A Stick
Fun for the kids!

INGREDIENTS: Stick or Dowel Rod Approx 3/4" in diameter
Canned Biscuits
Butter Honey ... optional

Wrap 1 Biscuit around the end of the stick so that none of the stick is showing.
Roast over the fire until it is golden brown.
The biscuit will pull right off of the stick.
Put your butter and honey down into the hole that the stick left.
(You can also use canned pie filling for an optional taste.)

Servings: 4-6
Preparation time: 5minutes


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