Stream at Split Rock, Camp Oh-Neh-Tah

A letter from

Michael J. Nazarovech

Camps Orenda and Kiwago alum


My name is Michael J. Nazarovech. I was a camper in 1949 and went to Camp Orenda for a year or two years and later went to camp Kiwago after it was built. I then became a senior camper for a number of years and finally became a kitchen boy.
Jim Augistine (Uncle Jim) was the cook and Don Kauth was the director of Camp Kiwago.

I recently took a trip to New York for my mothers 88th birthday and the plane landed in Newburgh, New York. I used to go to Newburgh for our days off with Uncle Jim. This trip brought back many memories and I started to think of Camp Kiwago and the wonderful times I had.

This past week I attended a wedding for my daughter in New York and took my wife on a tour of the city and passed one of the avenues 9th or 10th and the bus that we took left from a building there and took us to Central Valley.

When I returned home to Cincinnati where I now reside, I have been curious about The Boys Athletic League and went online and after a search found your website.

I got online and this brought back more memories. I recognized all the camps. There was a lot of feedback on all the girls' camps. However, not much input for the boys camps, especially, Camp Kiwago.

I went to Camp Kiwago when Don Kauth and Dottie Kauth (Don's wife) were directors. Larry, Glen and Chris used to spend their summers there as children. I am sorry to hear that Glenn passed away. Additionally, I do not see any mention of Don and Dottie Kauth who are the parents of Larry, Chris and Glenn.

I would like to try and find out more about the friends and people I knew. I am now 66 years old and feel that the Boys Athletic League was a great help and important part of my life.

After looking at your site I felt inspired to write you and am glad that so many people realize what the Kauth family did for kids like myself. We would have never had the opportunity to go away for those 2 weeks. I am also happy for the chance to go away for the entire summer as a "Kitchen Boy" and even get paid for it.

I have so many fond memories of my times at Camp Kiwago. I started to write down all the names I could remember of the other senior campers and kitchen staff. I am not finished, however I would like to share my information and see if the Camp Kiwago link can be updated with name and pictures. Although, I do not have many pictures to contribute I do have a few. I am contacting my family and may be able to get some from 1952-57. I went into the Army in 1958 and did not have much contact with the camp. However, I visited the camp for a reunion sometime in 1965, 1966 or 1967. I later moved away from New York and visited the camp one other time around 1980.

I would very much like to pursue expanding the information on Camp Kiwago. This would also include trying to find some of the acquaintances I had.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Michael J. Nazarovech


May 9. 2008
Published with consent of Michael J. Nazarovech

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