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We trust it is a fitting tribute, and an accurate reflection of Mrs. Kauth's vision and
generosity of spirit, that the first piece published in the Articles section is a letter
to new staff written by Mrs. Kauth for the Girls' Vacation Fund, Inc. Counselor Handbook, circa 1950

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our staff this year. We feel very confident that you will be richly rewarded in your endeavors. But what you receive will depend greatly upon what you give to our little girls. You will have the challenge of enriching the lives of many children who will be benefited by association with you for many years to come. Impressions of camp life are lasting ones, especially if they are marked with the greatness of spirit that you can give. You will meet co-workers who are interesting and open hearted. They will be from many parts of the country, and even from other lands; they will have diversified skills, many of which you will learn in living with us.

Because of your specific skills, you will be able to show others how to enjoy them. You will be able to reveal a lovely world, peopled with those who are kind, and understanding and interested. You can open a door to a better world for them.

Working with our counselors who have been on staff last year and many previous years, I am sure that your contribution to this staff would be mutually beneficial.

You, too, can become a part of our great family which is rather binding because of the human interest which holds us together. We have always aimed for the finest standards in camping. We shall always strive to better our programs, and make the highest ideals of living a part of our goals. We shall need your best efforts to make these aims a reality.

We sincerely look forward to a wonderful summer together. We want this to be the best ever.

(signed) Ruth Z. Kauth
Mrs. Willard L. Kauth
Executive Director
Girls Vacation Fund
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