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Rest in Peace
 Larry Kauth
Our deepest sympathies are extended to Larry's family and relatives,
his camp family, and his friends.

he Neil Berger posted this tribute at the Boys' Athletic League group page on Facebook.

The history of the Boys' Athletic League/Pathways for Youth begins in November of 1926, when the agency was founded By Mr. Willard M. Kauth to help disadvantaged New York City boys avoid juvenile delinquency and attain responsible, constructive adulthood. The organization, known for its first 60 years as the Boys' Athletic League, was initially premised on the philosophy that sports are the perfect medium to engage and uplift young men

In fact, the Boys' Athletic League was originated to be just that: an organization that would organize and coordinate leagues and tournaments for the burgeoning youth service agencies of the lower east side. This concept worked on many levels - and still does - as it gave boys incentive to join and attend local agencies that were affiliated with the B.A.L. (as the organization was commonly known) thereby exposing them to the supervision, structure and guidance that so many needed.

B.A.L. tournaments were held in various sites around the city, and included traditional athletic events such as track and field and swimming; sporting events like softball and boxing; and game activities, including checkers, chess and marbles. The inclusion of non-athletic games within the overall sports format is another founding concept that still thrived 70 years later: using leagues and tournaments to attract participation, but including in the schedule non-athletic events so that youngsters with other skills are motivated to join, practice and compete.

As the organization evolved over the decades, many changes were implemented. The B.A.L. began operating community centers throughout New York City in the 1930's, providing direct service to youngsters in the settlement house tradition by emphasizing personal discipline and responsibility. Over the years the organization has opened over 20 Centers, many of which maintained a continuous presence in their neighborhood's for decades. Girls as well as boys attended the Centers, which became homes away from home to many of their 250,000 plus members.

In 1936 the organization opened its first summer sleep-away camp. This program also proved highly popular, and enabled the agency to become one of the few to provide year-round services to its members. In our 60+ years of camping, over 60,000 inner-city children have enjoyed the uplifting spirit and natural splendor of living in our Harriman State Park camp sites.

As noted above in the words of Cliff Sperber, the organization known as the Boys' Athletic League was founded by Willard Kauth (pictured below). He was joined by like minded men and women through the years who supported the League's efforts to help those in need and prevent juvenile delinquency. These people included just about the entire Kauth family some of whom also supported the mission of the Girls Vacation Fund.

Willard's son Donald Kauth served as the Director of Camping. Donald's sons became main cogs in the operation of the camps. When we registered the children of the city (at Castle Hill and dozens of other sites throughout NYC) to attend the camping program, we did so with a level of trust in the individuals who were to become "surrogate parents" for our children. Many of you in this group had an experience you will never forget at Camp. Folks such as Bill Salmon, Cliff Sperber, Ray Hurley and others ensured not only the safety of our boys and girls but also provided them with a life changing experience.

One of those fine men was lost to us this past week. Larry Kauth was a young man who devoted the large part of his life to the Boys' Athletic League's Camping Program. Larry is pictured below showing some campers the finer points of water safety at Camp Kiwago, which Larry directed for many years. When registering children to attend Kiwago, I did so with the knowledge that Larry was a man of unique character who would see to it these children were afforded everything camp had to offer. I knew Larry would have trained his staff to deal with the diversity of NYC that was always evident in the faces of the children served at BAL camps. I was able to rest assured that the older boys who participated in the Summer Youth Employment Program at Camp would be provided with the supervision and work experience which was only available at camp.

Many of you simply remember your experience at camp as swimming, hiking, archery, etc. , daily activities designed to provide you with life skills which help you to this day. Those activities were designed and organized by men and women who followed in Willard Kauth's footsteps. I am proud to have been one of them. I am equally proud to have served alongside men such as Larry Kauth, in whom these qualities flowed freely through his veins. While our paths rarely crossed, our lives were cut from the same cloth.

I know I speak for all the members of the Castle Hill Community in extending my most sincere condolences to Larry's entire family. May his soul rest in eternal peace and his memory live on in the hearts of all who benefited from knowing him. He'll be sorely missed.


I returned from an 11,000+ mile, 3 1/2 month trip in my RV, last Monday. While on my adventure, I received email from alumni who wanted to be listed as "Found" on the website.

I usually add names to the list on the website and also post them here and at the BAL and Kiwago group pages. As a side note, I also let them know of our presence on Facebook and invite them to join is here, when I respond to them.

To make sure I've include the latest round of "FOUND", I'm just going to re-list them here. Thanks for indulging me.

Tracy DePaolo
Leroy Saunders - Kiwago / Orenda
Linda Mattucci O'Brien -Talako - from 1960 on camper thru counselor
Cindy Temple -all 3 GVF camps - 1981-86
David Pabon, Kiwago -1974
Diana Arroyo Landrum
John Anthony Hunt
Bob Kennelly, Jim Genua, Mike Murphy, Joe Murphy, all Kiwago until 1967
Sandra Yudilevich Espinoza, Talako, early 60s

In the Spirit of Camping...



 Please add us to the found list
with the old timers.
We are 3 brothers each with 10 years at Kiwago
 We were all at Kiwago until 1967
 Joe Murphy
 Jim Genua
 Mike Murphy

You will find more GVF - BAL alumni on Facebook
by searching for these groups:
  • KauthCampsAlumni
    Girls Vacation Fund - Camps Manitou, Talako, Oh-Neh-Tah, Tawanka Archives
    This alumni photo album was removed by Facebook at the request of the
    Girls Quest / Girls' Vacation Fund, Inc. lawyer.
    Comments and more than nine hundred photographs were removed.
    I will recreate the group and upload the photos again under our current name.

    NOTE: Kauth Camps Alumni
    We have Mrs. Barbara Kauth - Stine's permission to use the surname
    of her parents, the founders of the BAL-GVF brother and sister camps.
    We also believe it is most fitting to use their name as it is representative
    of the true spirit of our camp family

  • Camp Kiwago BAL Alumni 1952-1982 (Harriman State Park-NY)

  • Boys' Athletic League - Camp Orenda, Sebago, Wakonda, Lanowa and Kiwago


Sandra Yudilevich Esponoza - Talako

Pete "Lefty" Glamkowski

Joanne Lobasso DiBenedetto - Talako

David "Will" Williams - Kiwago, 1965-1968

Donna R. Scriven - Talako,  1957
Waterfront Director

Nancy Ferranti - Manitou

George Robitaille - Sebago, 1966-1969

Diane Jochem Lungaro - Talako


Mary Jo (Magnotti) Pluchino and
Jeanmarie (Gina) Magnotti

Hello there.
I just happened to be searching for Ayeisha Abdul and Michelle Walker when I happened to search for Camp Talako. What a wonderful surprise; and no I didn't realize I was lost. Nor, for that matter does my sister Jeanmarie (Gina) Magnotti.

I would love to be part of any reunions in the future,
by all means please add me on your list.


Mary Jo (Magnotti) Pluchino


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grow outward from
their respective trunks
at exactly the height
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I'll sing you one ho Green grow the rushes oh.
What is your one ho?
One is one and all alone and ever more shall be it so.

I'll sing you two ho Green grow the rushes oh.
What is your two ho?
Two, two lilly white boys covered all in green oh
One is one and all alone and ever more shall be it so.

I'll sing you three ho Green gow the rushes oh
What is your three ho?
Three, three your rival I'll sing you
two, two lilly white boys covered all in green oh
One is one and all alone and ever more shall be it so.

-Four for the gospel makers

-Five for the simples at your door

-Six for the six white walkers

-Seven for the seven clouds in the sky

-Eight for the eight paraders

-Nine for the nine shite shiners

-Ten for the Ten Commandments

-Eleven tor the eleven that went to heaven

-Twelve for the twelve apostles

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The sun sets three-and-a-half
times faster than normal
when you're trying to set up camp.

Boys' Athletic League Camps Alumni

Boys' Athletic League Camps Alumni

In consideration of the B.A.L. alumni who have
visited this site and sent email, I've added this category to
the GVF Camps Alumni
Community Forum
Hopefully this will facilitate reconnection and communication
between the alumni of the Boys' Athletic League camps:
Sebago, Orenda, Kiwago, Lanowa, Wakonda, and Kirby.


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Mmm-Aah went the little green frog
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